Past Projects

Some notable completed projects include:

Copenhagen Opera House Stage System for Waagner Biro
Control of the position of multiple “Wagons” (4m x 16m sections of stage) in two dimensions to provide rapid set changes. The wagon’s position was controlled by around 160 servo drives under the stage area via rack and pinions, with the ability to group wagons to synchronise their motion.

Focke Palletising Robot Retrofit for Sewtec Automation
Replacement of the Focke’s standard Siemens-based control system by a TwinCAT based control system to control SCARA palletising robots.
Kinetic transformation from X,Y and Z coordinates to Shoulder, Elbow and Lift axis positions performed in the PLC and fed to the NC every 2ms via an external setpoint generator.
Robot paths generated using Bezier Splines from externally generated pallet patterns read into the PLC from pattern files.

Cut-Pile Carpet Loom Automation for Cobble Blackburn
Conversion of the control system of existing carpet looms to TwinCAT control using multiple servo controlled selector heads to select, cut and feed yarn tufts to the loom based on externally generated pattern files.

Hawk Jet Simulator for EDM
Control of multiple servo axes to provide sensory feedback to the pilot of surge, pitch and sway during flight simulation by analysing 6 DOF airframe information streamed from the flight model at 60 updates/second

Tablet Press Control for Bosch Manesty
Control of a range of tablet presses for the new Xpress range of Bosch tablet presses, requiring high speed sampling (100us) of press force to identify defective tablets on the fly and securely reject them.

Weetabix Flow-Wrapper Line for AMP Automation
Control of an innovative collation and flow wrapping system for Weetabix using Beckhoff’s XTS transport system. Three independant XTS loops with a total of 102 XTS movers collating and feeding packs of 8, 10 or 12 biscuits through one of two redundant flow wrappers at 100 packs/minute.